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10 March 2013 @ 01:20 pm
[sticky post] lost in the echo; compilation post  
Lost in the Echo
By midnightBee
Rating: PG 13
Pairings: (Major)Krisyeol, Myungyeol, Woogyu, Hunhan
Summary: When an angel came between the pair of best friends, he didn’t expect to change the fate of the two men. It was a perfect mistake from an angel.

Original posts:
Prologue 01

One shot series:
(Masquerade; Hunhan story )
Krisyeol story Stigmatized
Myungyeol story Dancin' Angels
Woogyu story Iridescence
Dongyeol story Gardenia
Baekyeol story Pantomime
Xiuchen story Walkin' Death
Sekai story planning stage
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