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02 September 2012 @ 02:37 am
lost in the echo; foreword  

Lost in the Echo
By midnightBee
Rating: PG 13
Pairings: Krisyeol, Myungyeol, Woogyu, Hunhan
Summary: When an angel came between the pair of best friends, he didn’t expect to change the fate of the two men. It was a perfect mistake from an angel.

Darkness loomed over the city of glowing beauty. Yellowish lights gleamed like stars within grasp and the chilly breeze blew with a hint of incoming autumn. Loud tapping of footfall ricocheted through the stillness. Water splashed in random direction with the invasion of hasty footsteps. His irregular breath was almost in sync with the rapid footsteps.

He ran, casting his head backward occasionally.

Grey clouds shading away the stream of pearl moonlight and he searched in the dark. His mind was blank, he couldn't think. He yearned for light, for a glimpse of hope. But, it was all despair. He was blinded by the complete darkness. He could hear his fast pumping heartbeats banged against his ribcage, threatening to burst out of its confinement. Tears burnt his eyes and smudged his vision, but he couldn't care more. It was complete black ahead of him.

He could smell the metallic scent clinching onto him like a cheap perfume.

His shirt was drenched, but he didn't care if it was sweat -- or blood.

The cut on his neck ripped with his vigorous movement, but the pain was numbed by his fear. He twisted his head backward again, caring less of the pain shooting up his whole body. Blood poured out of the two small cut and dyed his white working shirt into a beautiful shade of blood red. He searched in the dark for light, and also for those yellowish eyes.

He trembled in fear.

He could sense those eyes trailed behind him.

It was Death.
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