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07 September 2012 @ 09:49 pm
inertia; prologue  
By midnightBee
Rating: pg
Genre: Angst, melodrama, figurative mpreg
Pairings: krisyeol
Summary: In one devastating Autumn night, the wind caressed the silent street, sweeping the dried leaves off the ground, the young parents received a news that shaken their small household of three.

The boy chuckled. The melody of innocence sang in the warm air. The sunlight shone a stream of yellowish glow over the three years old. He energetically ran up the flight of stairs, hardly even taking any breath. In a swift, he then slid down the slide. Chuckling loudly, he flashed a beautiful smile at his mother.

The tall, lanky man was dressed in light navy sweater. Despite going into autumn, the weather of Seoul retained a certain amount of warmth. He clapped eagerly to show his son his encouragement.

The playground was still very new, seeing the neighborhood was merely built recently. There weren't many parents with their children that evening, but the tall man didn't mingle. He fully exerted his attention on his child, a precious he bore not too long ago.

The cool autumn breeze blew with a drag of summer warmth. The evening sun glowed beautifully. The chuckles of innocence sang of happiness. Park Chanyeol swore nothing could ruin such perfectness.

That was, before the young three years old suddenly fell down from the flight of steps.

"Sehun-ah!" the young parent cried. Reaching out his hands, but caught only the air.

The blood trickled down the nose sent his heart a fright.
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