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12 February 2013 @ 08:43 am
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By midnightBee
Rating: PG
Word counts: 6.9k
Pairings: Hunhan, Kailu
Summary: Luhan is the prince of 17th century, untouched and pure. Sehun is the prince of darkness, tainted and evil. Kai is the boy who forever tied by his groundless desire.

Special Appearance: Suho, Yixing, Song Qian, Dongwoo, Kris
Minor mention: Sungyeol, Kangjun

Cool spring breeze blew gently across the peonies garden, swept away thick scent of the fresh flora. Soft petals of pale pink fell down like snowflakes in spring and blanketed the stony floor with a layer of color. Hid between the four walls was a magnificence garden, blossomed with the national flowers, in the empress’s favorite color.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, as though he could still smell the scent of peonies lingering in the air.

Luhan didn’t know if he could consider it home, the forbidden city of China. His lips stretched into a bitter smile and his gaze switched downward. The layer of thick walls separated each dormitory and to most, the palace was a maze. Once you drew in, you could never get out. Luhan found it hard to call this prison his home.

“Wu ah ge! Wu ah ge!” the soft holler rang in the still air.

That was how they used to call him, the fifth prince of Emperor Yongzheng. He was never his father’s favorite son, as he was born too pretty and too delicate. But that didn’t stop him from gaining power because he, no doubt, was his grandmother’s favorite grandson. The elderly empress dowager called him the golden boy with a heart. His mother was imperial consort Chun who passed away when he was five.

The maids would often gossip behind him of his beauty. Luhan hardly given any care as his heart was long belonged. The gentle, small steps brought along a beautiful maiden in light green. Her bright eyes simmered with life.

Song Qian was his love.

Luhan tore that piece of memory away. Tears lingered in his dollish eyes. He pushed himself up and walked toward the bar. “Yixing, give me something heavy,” his voice croaked. The bartender watched him wearily, had no intention of pouring him a drink he very much needed.

“Give up, wu ah ge,” the man sighed

Luhan turned away. “Stop calling me that. This is no longer the Forbidden City and we’re not in the Qing dynasty,” he said.

The bartender’s face softened. “You say so yourself. Stop pressing yourself to find Lady Song Qian. You’ll bring yourself trouble.” Yixing put the glass down and brought the prince a beer. “The nightmare, let it rest on that day, please,” he said. Luhan made a mistake by turning to face Yixing.

He could see the fear in Yixing’s brown, soft orbs. Those haunting memories played in those clear eyes. It had been more over three hundred years, but that fear never seemed to fade away. “I’m sorry, Yixing.” He took the beer and turned away.

Right then, he ran into someone.

He could feel that hand ran over his back and rested comfortably over his navel. He frowned unhappily and pushed away. “Do not touch me,” he said coldly. The taller man seemed shaken by his eyes and stepped away.

Luhan was made a vampire when he was just blossoming into a young prince. He was eighteen years of age. His beauty was remarkable. He was often told of his resemblance to his mother, who was the utmost beauty. His golden locks were as soft as true silk, his eyes were lively with a brownish glow and his pale skin radiated like white snow.

That was not the only reason Oh Sehun was drawn to him. Luhan was like a puzzle, every piece of him was like a riddle, waiting for him to explore.

“Luhan,” deep voice rang in the air.

Luhan let his hand glided out of his grasp. Luhan never liked physical intimacy. He nodded at the prince, a prince begged to differ him. Oh Sehun was a prince in this world, the world of constant darkness and forever stained with crimson red. The prince smirked, seemly unaffected by Luhan’s apathetic nature. He took hold of Luhan’s wrist again, tighter than before and it’s bruising him, but Luhan knew not to argue.

No one beat Sehun in stubbornness. “Luhan, don’t ignore me,” the boy whined cutely. His eyes held a certain madness and adoration.

Luhan tilted his head as though he was thinking. He looked almost like a doll. He could feel Sehun pulled him into his arms and he licked him across his cheek. “Sehun, not here in the eyes of others,” he whispered. He could feel the attention they were showered in. He couldn’t blame the others. Luhan and Sehun were always the sight to behold.

He let Sehun claimed him, but Sehun never owned his heart.

The older vampire dragged him out of the bar. Sehun was a man of less words and he was driven with madness and power and speed. He easily swept Luhan off the ground and leapt up toward the next building. The wind was blowing harshly on the tall skyscraper. Sehun seemed fond by it because he pulled Luhan to sit. Their legs dangling out and they watched the city in silence.

Luhan didn’t know why Sehun enjoyed his company. Their rendezvous were always in pure quietness. When Luhan was pressed up against the floor, Sehun kissed him roughly and his hand roamed around his body, Luhan would realize Sehun was drawn by lust.

Luhan hated physical intimacy, with a passion. As if Sehun knew it, he always withdrew when things get heated, more on Sehun’s part.

It was the main reason Luhan let Sehun claimed him.

Sehun always asked him a question every time he was leaving. “Luhan, what is love?” he once asked. Luhan was buffered. Prince of darkness knew no love and that was what Luhan had thought. He thought of Song Qian, one he longed for.

“The feeling of love is like a smile grew from your heart. It’s like a flower in amongst the green. It’s like a pure happiness despite you have nothing,” he had answered him. He remembered watching the prince’s expression darkened. His eyes grew blank before they focused upon him. Hovering over him, Sehun ran a hand over Luhan’s golden locks gently.

His eyes told of a story, but Luhan couldn’t understand.

“Luhan, you are like a Pandora box,” he once said. “Are you my destruction?” he asked.

Luhan remembered smiling gently at his question. “Maybe,” he replied. Sehun smirked daringly, as if showing he wasn’t afraid. “Would you open it? Luhan questioned back. Sehun leapt back. He stood on the railing, light like the air. He bore a confident smile.

“Would you let me?” he asked before jumping down the building without waiting for an answer.

Luhan chuckled lightly. He tore his attention away from that fragment of memory and watched Sehun narrowed his eyes at him. “You- what are you laughing at?” Sehun closed up to him. Their lips were only inches apart. Sehun watched him with curiosity. Luhan could see the menacing red hid behind his brown eyes. That was the true color of the prince’s irises. It was the true form that feared the vampire community.

Luhan smiled nonchalantly.

Closing up the gap, Sehun kissed him and threw him on the concrete floor. The loud tug frightened the adjacent crows. The black birds fluttered away in shock. The prince tore apart the kiss suddenly and rubbed a finger over Luhan’s now bright red lips.

“Are you not afraid?” he asked.

The word held no meaning to Luhan. Somewhat similar to his feelings of love, they were all left in the Forbidden City of China during Qing dynasty. “I could no longer feel fear,” he replied. Lying on the ground like a porcelain doll, Luhan looked exceptionally fragile. As if one single touch could break him, but the dollish vampire was much too different than his appearance portrayed.

Sehun stood up. He stepped away before turning to watch his lover. His lips curved up devilishly. “Luhan, you are my destruction. But, I am your fear,” he said. The prince materialized into small particles and vanished with the wind.

The Emperor hardly gave his children any attention, not until they reached the age of teenagers. Luhan had seen his father only a few times and that were because he was a playmate of the crown prince. He vaguely remembered him as a very prominent man. The golden robe donning on the man reflected of power and authority. The strong hands had gripped him once, “Xiao Lu,” the pet name given to him by his mother. “You must protect your brother,” he said.

Thinking back, Luhan found that his father maybe did love his mother. His mother was an even more forgettable character because she never had the chance to watch him grew up. However, he had heard far more stories of the imperial consort.

Most that took his childhood memories would be teacher Shunzi who taught him Confucianism and politics, and his half-brother, Crown prince Luyi.

Luhan never truly felt love ever since young. When Sehun came into his life, he couldn’t let the stranger in. He regarded the prince as merely someone. He thought there was only lust in their relationship, never true emotions. When Sehun pulled him into an expensive wheel, driving them to a Victorian mansion, located in the Suburb of Seoul city, he felt conflicted.

The large building was dark and gloomy, but no less grandeur. The architecture was built as old as Luhan was. It was only brightened by a few yellowish lights. The garden was left abandoned. Wild red roses grew carelessly in any shape, leaving the mansion seemed as though unattended. The tall front entrance, however, showed different perspective. The mahogany doors were shiny and polished.

Luhan could almost saw his own reflection and his eyebrows quirked in surprise. Sehun pushed open the heavy door effortlessly.

“Welcome to my home.”

The prince of Qing took a step in with hesitancy. The antechamber was lighted with various candles and every article, from the photo frame to the candelabrum seemed to be chosen with such precision, depicting the age of Victorian era. “Why?” he asked.

Looking up the spiral staircase, he saw a glimpse of a man. The man vanished quickly before he could make up his features. “Luhan, here,” Sehun took his hand and pulled him away without answering him. He was led to a warm chamber with a lighted fireplace. Similarly to the antechamber, it was brightened with candlelight. The whole room was saturated with a thick scent of sweet peonies.

The smell fluttered Luhan’s cold heart. It reminded him of China and 17th century. Sehun pushed him down on the couch before hovering over him.

They kissed briefly before a light chuckle interrupted.

“Sehun, you bring company?” the voice was sleek and held amusement. Luhan could immediately felt his formidable presence, much like Sehun himself. The man was no way taller than Sehun, but the way he brought himself gave an air of authority and arrogance. “I see why you change so much…” he said with a hint of happiness. His eyes were charcoal black and he bore high nose. He was pale, strikingly pale. The man walked toward the bar slowly and poured a glass of red wine.

“Hyung, you’re home,” Sehun stated the obvious.

Luhan stared at the man whose Sehun’s hyung, thus making him the leader of their kind. The man returned his stare and chuckled lightly. “You have a very special friend,” he commented, as if Luhan wasn’t there to listen. He took a sip of the red liquid.

“Luhan, meet my brother, Suho.”

Luhan hesitated. Suho dispersed and rematerialized right beside them. “You can call me hyung like Sehun,” the eldest kindly assured. Luhan smiled in relief.

Sehun seemly troubled. His eyebrows narrowed unhappily and he dived in to kiss Luhan again and Luhan gladly returned. Deep within, Luhan knew where Sehun’s drive came from. Sehun was mad. Not because of Luhan, he knew. Suho watched them sickly with an unreadable smile tugging on his thin lips.

When Luhan and Sehun first met, no one expected a relationship would eventually blossom between the two royalties of their own league. For as long as most knew, the prince of China had certain detestation for physical touch. Over the years, countless vampires took an advance on the beauty, but they were rejected badly. One particular vampire, Kangjun gone into madness and killed a school of children.

The news had shaken the vampire community in Seoul and brought the royal family to the rouge and wild city.

Different to the image of Prince Luhan, Oh Sehun was known as wild, sexy and seductive. It was his gift and he never had doubt in fully using it. It took almost all of his brother’s men to bring Sehun back from the states. The younger prince could never settle down with only one and rumors circulated various telltales of the erotic adventures Sehun had.

They were like an attraction of opposite ends. If Luhan was the city of Persia, then Sehun must be Alexander the great, one that swore to conquer.

The night sky glittered with stars and the moonlight seeped into the dark room. Luhan threw his back on the soft mattress. His shirt burned and ash into nothing, leaving his upper body stark naked. The moonlight reflected off his pale skin and he looked as if glowing in the dark. He tried to avoid Sehun’s glare and had wanted to pull the quilt to cover his body. A tear rolled down his cheek.

A loud roar pierced through the suppose silence. Sehun tossed the chair angrily across the room. Right before the furniture hit the corner, it hovered in the air. “I want to kill you,” Sehun hissed dangerously. “You… I hate you,” he continued.

Luhan didn’t even flinched and simply ignored him.

The prince jumped and landed right on top of the dollish vampire. He reached up his finger and trailed along Luhan’s chest area. The gentle touch brought goose bump all over the milky skin. Sehun looked up when Luhan turned toward him. Tears stained the younger vampire and Luhan’s peculiar hoary eyes watched him in solemn.

“I can never accept you.”

Sehun lifted up his hand and cupped Luhan’s small cheeks. Meticulously, he wiped away Luhan’s tears. His frustration was wiped away like the stillness after a hurricane. There was melancholy lingered in the air, but Luhan couldn’t feel Sehun’s emotion. They were like a flat sand floor, untouched.

Suddenly, chuckles sounded darkly in the room. Luhan’s teary eyes turned hazel, sealing away his true colors. “Your highness, I see you found yourself a remarkable mate,” the voice didn’t sound at all inferior.

“Kai,” Sehun called, without facing the man.

Kai pushed himself up from the wall. He smiled, at Luhan particularly. The prince of Qing dynasty watched him with pure shock. His body backed away in reflex. There was fear in his eyes. One emotion he swore nothing can even brought upon, other than Kim Jongin.“Wu ah ge,” Kai whispered.

Luhan shook his head, horrified terribly.

Sehun watched everything unfolded wordlessly. Oh Sehun always thought he would be Luhan’s everything. But when Luhan vanished away in fright, he realized he was wrong. Sehun would never be Luhan’s fear. The young prince surprisingly was calm and collected, as if everything was expected. He turned to Kai. The vampire was wearing merely a black beater and navy jeans.

Kim Jongin was never a regular vampire. In appearance, his skin was dusky and his hair was as black as the night sky. His features were prominent and his stare often came off as risqué. Many had claimed he was made from the most ancient human, the Egyptians. He was one of the most primeval vampires that roamed earth, but his history was always a clandestine to the vampire community. Unlike the royalties, Kai, as he preferred, was often overlooked.

“Your highness,” the man bowed curtly.

Sehun nodded as he stood up. “You should head to my brother’s office.” The prince went into his bathroom. When he felt the other presence had left his private room, he let his emotion bare before him. Angrily, he tossed his fist on the mirror. His reflection cracked.

The bar was located at Myungdae district. It was a highly populated area with various night lights that dazzled in the dark. Dancing Angels was made to disagree all the local and conventional bars. The olden Chinese design saw various elements like flowers and Chinese characters carved along the lining of the walls. Even the marble tables were specially imported from China, showing much the owner’s ethnicity.

The name of the bar though became quite a controversy upon its grand opening ten years ago. However, most couldn’t argue when the owner came forward. Luhan’s beauty was so easily be enthralled of.

Sehun had sat on that particular table when he first saw Luhan. The youthful owner of the bar had always smelled of peonies and his beauty dazzled all. Luhan might not remember, but Sehun did. The younger had wandered in the bar like his owned playground, but minding his own business. Despite disregarded every single customer on broad, Luhan had come forward him. In his hand, he carried a tray.

“This is Baijiu. Our in house specialty,” he explained briefly.

The white liquor was easily forgettable, but not Luhan himself. Sehun remembered clearly the vampire did not bow to him, like most did. He did not succumb to Sehun’s majestic appearance and identity. More importantly, he did not fear.

Two nights had gone without Luhan’s gentle smile and Sehun felt cold and bitter with every minute passed. Leaving his bottle of beer full, he left for the bar and easily caught the bartender’s attention. Zhang Yixing had been Luhan’s assistant for a long time, it was told to the prince when he first came to the bar. Yixing gave him a very proper curtsy. “Do you know where Luhan is?” he asked.

Yixing furrowed his eyebrows and gave an answer much to Sehun’s chagrin. “Prince sometimes went away for weeks,” the bartender answered.

Sehun sighed in return and ran his hand over his neatly gelled hair. “Where did he go?” the vampire prince felt his fist griped tightly. Yixing were shaking his head in reply when a shadow rematerialized right beside him.


Kai smirked at Yixing’s shock expression. Sehun saw the same fear in the bartender’s eyes, maybe worse. Only difference was Yixing was much more expressive and readable than Luhan was. Yixing had reacted worse when the bottle of whiskey tossed in the direction of Kai. Sehun had contemplated if he should let the heavy liquor washed Kai awake. Eventually, he let his rational ruled his action. The accelerating bottle lingered in the air for a moment before guided back on the counter.

“Yixing,” the authority in his voice shook the bartender awake.

The fear was so strong that it was feeding Kai more power. The vampire seemed to enjoy the atmosphere. He grinned blatantly. “I’ve seen enough,” the prince said and he waved a hand, easily teleported the bartender elsewhere. “You are his maker,” he commented flatly. He turned to meet Kai’s eyes idly.

Kai shrugged. “It had been so long, I didn’t know I still scare him,” he said casually.

Sehun sighed in frustration and took a deep breath. He kept his emotions composed and calm despite the new facts troubled him. “Why are you here? I thought you left our house after Dongwoo joins us.” Kai hissed at mention. Sehun knew the vampire never sat well with Suho’s pet.

“I was hunting and you knew why and who,” Kai snarled.

The prince slammed his fist on the counter and the strength shook the whole bar. It bounced off the ceiling. Kai stumbled on his feet and watched him warily. “Stay away from Luhan.” It was a clear warning, but Sehun doubted a wild vampire like Kai would actually listen.

“My prince, I respect you, but you have no rights.” Kai’s face darkened and his red irises resembled a pool of crimson blood. There were erratic insane thoughts dancing in those red orbs.

A smirk grew on Sehun’s face. “Don’t bother.” A gust of wind knocked Kai off easily.

“I made him!”

Sehun closed his eyes. It was a fact they both knew. Sehun knew Kai left three hundred years ago for someone. Dongwoo was part of the reason, but mostly for a certain someone. Sehun didn’t think it was Luhan, his Luhan. As if on cue, Dongwoo happened to teleport to his side. The petite vampire sneered delightedly at Kai, taunting the eccentric vampire. “I heard someone making a scene at Luhan hyung’s place,” he voiced up merrily.

Kai stood up and dusted imaginary dust off his clothes gracefully. His eyes returned to its ebony black. “Well, I see unnecessary of you to be here,” the ancient vampire retorted.

“This is the prince’s territory,” Dongwoo warned.

The prince opened his eyes slowly and patted Dongwoo’s shoulder gently. “Dongwoo, takes care of here. I sent Yixing away for the night.” He turned to watch Kai. His emotions were a peaceful as the cloudless sky. “I’m telling you. Stay away,” he repeated.

The darkness never terrified Sehun. He was the prince of the dark, no less. He embraced the dark because it was where he could bare his true form carelessly. The black entity strengthened his power. He actually debated with himself countless times mentally, but eventually he willed himself there. The lightless room, however, saddened him. His fingers trailed along the marble bench, tracing the Chinese crafting.

The exotic Chinese décor screamed Luhan’s character out loud. Sehun smiled at the thought of the Chinese.

Sehun was one of the first vampires that walked earth. The amount of lifespan he seen often overthrown his excitement. He was long bored of the human race and nothing fascinated him as everything became so easy. He did enjoy the fun, the pleasure, the bloodlust and the sex, but the prey was always the one that dampened his mood. Luhan was his first challenge.

Turning toward the hallway, he reached for the door at the end. The room was basking under the moonlight from the open glassy door. Cold midnight breeze blew up the thin white curtain and expectedly, it was unoccupied. Sehun walked toward the tall window glass, watching down the city of Seoul. The city he had hated once because of the rules and regulations. Now, it would forever be the city where he first met Luhan.

The addictive scent of peonies lingered in the air and it reminded him of the Chinese prince. The peacefulness calmed his emotions.

It came as fast as it went when suddenly Sehun was hit by a strong sense of agony and pain. The wail of silent cry screamed in his ears created waves and storm in Sehun’s once flat, unmoved feeling. He took no hesitation and swung his hand swiftly. The closet door slid open and revealed the object of his desire.

The prince of China was crouching down underneath the neat line of clothes. His beautiful face buried in between his legs. He was wearing his white silk pajamas. The thin clothes outlined his perfect figure and the golden locks shimmered under the ray of moonlight. Sehun kneeled down beside him and brushed his hair in adoration. “Luhan,” he whispered his name.

Luhan lifted up his head to watch Sehun. His hoary eyes were blank, like nothing contained within. “Why are you here?” the porcelain like vampire asked.

Sehun frowned unhappily.

The glass shuddered and the white curtain blew harshly against the furious wind. The lamps and small artifacts hovered in the air. The prince let his emotions bare while he never did with anyone before. Sehun heaved a sigh and the room returned to its peace. “Luhan, I care for you,” his voice softened. The usual acerbic and arrogance faded away, leaving him sounded almost pleading.

The Chinese’s eyes gleamed with tears.

“I am always proud and confident because there are many things I can do and everything in this world is like a set of miniature chess I rule. “ Sehun took Luhan’s cold hand into his. “But when it comes to you, I feel so hopeless. I couldn’t wipe away what had happen. I couldn’t take away your pain,” he continued softly.

Luhan’s perfect mask cracked right that moment. Tears trailed down his eyes to form two clear rivers. He pushed up and threw himself over Sehun. The prince ran his hand over his lover and let him cry on his shoulder. The moment as if lasted forever, with Luhan straddling over Sehun, as the prince of Qing delicately hiding inside his strong arms.

“Sehun, I’m sorry that I never accept you. It was because of her…”

Song Qian was the daughter of the prime minister during the reign of Emperor Yongzheng. The beautiful daughter was a regular visitor in the Forbidden City due to her friendship with Princess Huaiyu. Her intelligence was well known in the imperial housing, just as much as her beauty.

“Xiao Lu, you’re playing with your rabbits again?” the maiden asked.

She was clad in plain white and her long, black hair flowed down to create a beautiful contrast against her snow white skin. Her eyes shimmered with liveliness and her lips widened to a perfect gentle smile. Song Qian was simply a divine in the human race.

Luhan chuckled and nodded stupidly. “They are being hyper today,” he replied shortly and turned to his four rabbits when one of them bit his finger.

The beautiful maiden strolled to him gracefully and crouched down beside him. She caressed the rabbits, like she always did. “Wu ah ge, you’re coming to my birthday party?” Luhan turned to look at her and she smiled beautifully that it’s almost too painful to watch. Luhan nodded stupidly again.

Song Qian stood up, smiling happily. “Crown prince,” she gave a proper curtsy.

Crown prince Luyi waved her off casually and let the maiden heading to Princess Huaiyu’s chamber. Luyi nudged Luhan playfully and wiggled his eyebrows. Luhan felt his cheeks burnt and avoided his older brother’s teasing stare. “You’re so shy, Xiao Lu!” he exclaimed and poked Luhan’s cheek.

“Stop teasing me, huang yi!”

Luhan cupped his reddened cheeks childishly.

Sehun tightened his hold on Luhan, smiling at the endearing image of the younger prince blushing madly.

It was at autumn when the imperial house was welcomed with a visitor of Joseon. Petals of pink peonies dancing in the cool breeze resembled of falling snow, except the garden was overwhelmed with strong scent of the sweet floras. The beautiful consorts accompanied the empress for a slow stroll in the garden, basking under the snowing plants. The man was a heated topic in Forbidden City as the rumors visualized him as charismatic and gorgeous.

They said he had exquisite eyes. They were like black pearls, shimmering and perky. His hair was soft and ebony. His demeanor spoke of something different. He was like a walking attraction.

The fifth prince of Emperor Yongzheng couldn’t care more of the visitor. His birthday was only few days away and the Empress was planning a grand birthday party for the prince because it was his 18th birthday. Luhan was carrying one of his rabbits that day after his usual practice with the crown prince. The brown rabbit was sick and he was heading to the veterinary. The prince was basking under the warm autumn sunlight when he first met him. The innocent fifth prince didn’t know it was going to change his future, forever.

Ever since the rule of his grandfather, Emperor Kangxi, it was known as a fact that the royal house in Forbidden City had their internal conflicts. Luhan was never one that fallen into the trap of power. He never thirsted of power and still true to his belief.

The crown prince Luyi took him under his wings and made sure his innocence never be tainted. So, when the visitor of Joseon looked him in the eyes and savored his beauty hungrily, he couldn’t notice it. He was told of the name Kim Jongin when the man bowed to his imperial status in respect.

“I’ve heard of you, quite often,” the taller man said.

The young prince smiled in delight. Kim Jongin was indeed as told by the hearsay and he easily charmed the prince with his boyish smile. “My royal brother told me of your great tale of your adventures. You should share some with me,” the fifth prince chirped joyfully, almost leaving his sick rabbit forgotten.

“I would love to.”

The rabbit snuggled into Luhan’s small hands, reminding the pet lover of his sick condition. “Ah… I need to head away. Come to my birthday party, it is three days from today,” he continued.

The handsome man grinned and bowed to him again. Luhan chuckled like a child and ran off with his closest eunuch trailing behind him rapidly.

Luhan couldn’t blame anyone, but himself. He was too quick, too innocent to invite his doom upon himself. As promised, Kim Jongin of Joseon charmed everyone presented with his quick wits and dashing smiles.

The fifth prince, face flushed from the alcohol, clinched onto the older man. “Thank you for coming,” he slurped cutely. The man wrapped his arm over Luhan’s waist, secured his wobbling state. “When are you going to see the white tigers again? Take me with you,” he pouted. Jongin’s deep chuckles rang in the air. Before he heard a reply, he was ripped out of those strong arms.

“Wu ah ge, you’re drunk.” The eunuch bowed at the visitor in respect. “I’m sorry, I’m afraid Wu ah ge will soil your clothes. We should take our leave,” he said, head bowed down. Luhan was too tipsy to notice the flash of danger in Jongin’s eyes.

The night had Luhan twisted and turned in his sleep. The cold wind blew his feverish skin cold and he mumbled in his sleep. His clothes tore open slightly upon his rough sleep. He opened his eyes weakly when he felt hands roaming his body, feeling up his chest. Those plump lips twisted up to a lecherous grin. Tongue running over the crook of his neck had him moan loudly. He pushed the invading hands.

“Don’t touch me,” he cried weakly.

Jongin straddled on him, pinning his struggling arms. He nibbled the sensitive skin lining on Luhan’s neck. The young prince whined unhappily. Jongin looked up and Luhan’s teary eyes stared at him. “Why are you doing this?” the prince asked.

He felt Jongin licked his jaw. “I’ve never seen anyone like you, my prince. You are truly a sight to see,” he explained briefly.

Moonlight reflected from Luhan’s teary eyes, emphasizing his unwillingness into succumbing to Jongin. The handsome man tore open Luhan’s silk pajamas, revealing his perfect baby skin. Luhan tossed around, desperately wanting to push Jongin away. Luhan was terrified when the toppled man grabbed his crotch. He was untouched and pure. “NO!” he cried at the top of his lungs.

Within second, rapid footsteps came rushing to the prince’s aid.

“Wu ah ge!” Swords bared and the imperial guards lined together and moving into the prince’s chamber. Everyone gasped at the scene where the prince was almost stripped out of his clothes. Jongin growled in anger and leapt up. The sight had the guards froze in their spots. The eccentric, alluring black eyes now tinted with blood red. The structure of his face sharpened and fangs grew out of his array teeth.

Easily, he knocked all of them down with a strong swing. The corner of his lips lifted up to form a very twisted grin. He gripped one of them by the throat and fractured it effortlessly. While most of them had been easy, one stood up bravely and became adamant to pose as a threat. Jongin swiftly avoided the swung of the butterfly sword. The guard swerved around and his leg slapped Jongin’s cheek and the vampire stumbled backward briefly.

Behind the duos, Luhan cried silently while throwing the silver rug over his naked body.

The imperial guard widened his eyes as the scene unfolded before him. It was like a myth when Jongin’s broken lips healed rapidly and the vampire took this moment to knock the blade off with his leg and seized him. He opened his mouth wide and bit into his throat.

Blood oozed out of the wounds. Jongin drank hungrily when suddenly he ripped out of his meal. Sensing Luhan’s escape, he materialized toward the prince, leaving the guard fallen onto the cold marble floor like a broken rag doll. The guard watched the prince ran into Jongin’s towering body and the protecting silver rug ripped into pieces. He watched the monster split open the delicate prince’s legs and took his innocence.

The beautiful prince cried into the night.

Moonlight brightened up the horrorstruck scene as the guard, now Zhang Yixing, watched Jongin, the mysterious visitor of Joseon pierced Luhan’s throat and sucked him. Bile rising up his stomach and Yixing vomited at the strong metallic scent lingered in the air.

“Luhan, my prince, you will be my mine forever.” That was what he last heard before the grey mist clouded his eyes. Jongin took the prince and vanished into the thin air.

Sehun looked down at the prince in his arms. He was so broken, as if no life even persisted within. His eyes watched the emptiness gently, tears trailing down his cheeks and dripped on his silk pajamas. Watching the past playing before him crushed Sehun’s strong, firm wall of emotion. The pain was unbearable and he felt his lungs constricted. His fingers ran over Luhan’s neck, as if the wound was still there, bare and bleeding.

“I’m not as untainted as how everyone said,” Luhan whispered. His face scrunched into a knot and he sobbed.

The vampire prince hugged him tightly.

He wanted to tell Luhan. It’s okay. But, Sehun didn’t. “He took her,” Luhan said softly and the words struck Sehun.

He felt his lungs as if collapsed. The pain struck him like a thousand needle pierced on his skin. The excruciating pain had him trembled in Jongin’s arms. He couldn’t feel anything other than pain, even when he was teleported into the prime minister residence, he was still in hallucination. The yard was extremely cold, but it somehow eased his pain. He couldn’t care his naked self, only lying weakly in the monster’s arms. He could feel the blood flowing down his neck and the crimson red stained the front of Jongin’s shirt.

The vampire took him into a chamber. It was dark, but he noticed the paintings on the wall. It was obviously penned by Song Qian, because Luhan just knew. His fist tightened when his eyes landed on the maiden, sleeping quietly.

Her hand covered half of her face gracefully and she was beautiful even in her sleep.

More tears poured out of his eyes. He was drained of energy. He let Jongin lay him on the floor. “She is your first love, your bestowed fiancé,” Jongin stated. There were too many emotions swimming in his red irises and Luhan feared for the worst. Jongin materialized to Song Qian and he bared his fangs. He stared at Luhan in the eyes and vanished with the maiden.

“Sehun, have you seen her?”

Luhan’s question startled Sehun. The vampire prince jolted out of his frozen state. His lips stretched out into a bitter smile. “Luhan,” he called softly. “Are you still seeking for her?” he asked. “Do you still love her?” he asked again. Soft hand came up to stroke his face, as if the action was his only reply.

The prince of Qing smiled stupidly.

“Do you want to see her?” Sehun continued asking, but somehow he knew the answer.

Luhan shook his head. “I know she’s gone. For these years, I just didn’t want to accept it.” Luhan took Sehun’s hand and played with his fingers absentmindedly. “For me, will you kill him?” he mumbled the words like a kid. It sounded so innocent, but the question silence Sehun.

It took Sehun almost a minute to regain his composure, “will you be happy?” he asked in return. Luhan turned around and kissed him.

The kiss was brief and gentle. “That’s selfish of me. You don’t have to…” He then leaned in again for a deeper kiss. This was the first time Sehun felt Luhan’s love. A force broke their kiss and threw Luhan across the room and the prince hit the wall with a loud tug. Sehun acted almost immediately and he swung a hand. Kai flew up the ceiling and crushed the chandelier. Pieces of crystals dropped down like rain.

“I warned you,” the vampire prince scowled. Black veins surfaced on his flawless face.

The energy was so strong that Kai could hardly move. His face sharpened and his red eyes watched Sehun in anger. Luhan tilted his head, startled to see no hatred in those eyes. The prince of Qing lied on his back against the wall. The back of his head broke and blood pouring out of the large gash and filled the room with the rusty scent.

He turned toward Sehun, seeing the prince angry for the first time. Sehun had always has a kind of air around him. He was suave and cool and seductive. It was like he never needed violence to resolve anything. He was indeed the best in manipulation and games. This was the first time he ever lost his cool and the sight moved Luhan. Maroon red had colored his whole eyeballs and they held all kind of emotions that might fear anyone.

Kai instantly weakened and his mouth opened in horror. His inside was tearing apart. Blood pouring out of his mouth and dripped down on the floor.

“Sehun…” Kai’s whisper was almost inaudible.

It was enough to knock Sehun some senses. The prince sighed loudly when Kai collapsed on the floor with a loud tug. He walked toward Kai and crouched down beside him. His face bore a mixture of sadness and rage. “I made you, remember? I can also take it back,” he said with a calm and gentle tone. “Why are you so insisting?” he asked.

Kai looked at his maker with tears in his eyes. “You knew…” his voice croaked, more blood pouring out of his mouth.

Sehun turned to look at Luhan. “You’re not healing,” he stated. Abandoned his creation to his own demise, he walked toward his lover. His finger caressed Luhan’s golden locks. “You are truly a creation by the hand of god. I should kill you,” he told Luhan monotonously and it made Luhan wondered if Sehun really meant it. The adoration in his eyes told him otherwise. “Luhan, I know a lot of things that you might think you hid very well,” he continued, this time with some grief.

Luhan glanced down. Weakly, he reached for Sehun’s hand. Tears trickled down his face because in many ways, Sehun moved his icy heart. “Do you love me, Sehun-ah?” he asked.

The vampire prince did not answer him. His black veins grew out and his eyes tinted with the menacing red again. Luhan was alarmed by the sight. Sehun turned around and scowled dangerously at the newcomer. The verandah stood a man and through the dancing white curtains, revealed his wide opened wings. His presence drew a calming wave. Breeze blew around him like a strong protective seal.

He walked in the room with an obvious frown. His hair was blond and perfectly parted to a side. He was extremely handsome and his tall self was almost intimidating if he didn’t reek of serenity and peace.

“Luhan,” he called.

His eyes were fixating on the prince of Qing dynasty alone, completely ignoring the vampire prince. He gathered Luhan into his arms, not caring the blood staining his clean suit. “You’re hurt.” He gave a brief glance at Sehun before looking back at Luhan again. “I need you. Sungyeol is missing,” there was panic in his voice.

“What happened?” Luhan cried.

“I need you to find him. Someone severed our bonds,” the angelic man said. Luhan nodded in understanding. He turned to look at Sehun and reached a hand out for him. Sehun turned away, avoiding Luhan’s eyes.

“You knew…” Luhan mumbled. Tears smudged his vision. “I’m not your kind, I never will and I never want to. Sehun-ah, do you still love me?” he asked again. This time, the vampire prince did not answer him too. Luhan nodded. “Kris, let’s go.”

The tall man, named Kris, walked toward the verandah. His white wings spread apart and the moonlight reflected against the holy white. Despite drenching in blood, they both looked so divine. Luhan’s smile was so pure and heavenly, as if telling the vampire prince of his warm love.

Sehun didn’t stop them.

‘Sehun-ah, you knew from the very beginning. I am touched by an angel.’

‘Yes, Luhan, I know.’

‘Do you still love me?’

‘Yes, I do.’

The End
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